Mobility Leads List of Top Digital Priorities

Mobility Leads List of C-Level Top Priorities

mobilityCIO Insights just posted one of their slideshows. ?You can view the slideshow of the survey results here: CIO Insight Mobile Priority Survey

The slideshow?is from an Accenture survey that shows mobility leads the list of top digital priorities. The survey, of nearly 1,500 global C-level executives, found adoption of mobile technologies and applications as top of their list of priorities.

While mobility is top of mind of most leading organizations, there are still challenges for some organizations, including;

  • strategic, organizational and operational shortcomings
  • struggles in the rollout of mobile capabilities
  • lack of formal metrics to measure effectiveness
  • insufficient funding

The good news despite these challenges, companies are moving aggressively to adopt mobile technologies and applications. The focus is geared toward helping them achieve their?business objectives.

While mobility is tops in the survey, rounding out the Top 5 include:

Mobility Leads List of Top Digital Priorities

I?am seeing the majority of customers and prospects I talk to ALL have the above top of mind. It’s all related to helping how?we can understand and service our customers better. It’s about customer experience and business impact.

It’s not hard to understand why. I read an article?recently that showed 6 BILLION people now have cell phones. That’s nearly everyone on the planet.?We are clearly a mobile and connected world. So, it’s only natural that?customers and users need to be able to access their business-critical data on the device of their choice from wherever they are.

Another interesting fact from the survey, only 2% of respondents have NO mobile strategy. Let’s hope your organization is NOT one of the 2%. If you are, think about the fact that your competitors are thinking mobile.

Another factoid?is 83% of “leader” organizations compared to 77% of “other” organizations?rank mobility in their Top 5 priorities. Again, are YOU one of the leaders, or other?

If you prefer infographics, Accenture has posted one here for the survey results:?

You can also download a pdf of the survey here:?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 “Official”

Microsoft has announced the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available in the “fall of 2013”.

It is unfortunate that we did NOT hear an official release date, so, that gives Microsoft some wiggle room on what the definition of Fall is. I am all for quality releases and prefer a quality release over hitting a specific date, however, a date helps people with planning. As I learn more information on dates I’ll communicate that. The “unofficial” release date is October 2013. We saw a couple of dates slip late last year, so let’s hope Bob Stutz and company are better at hitting their targets this time around, and more importantly, communicating them in a timely fashion.

On to a few details.

The good news for all users is, this is a dual release for both Dynamics CRM Online as well as Dynamics CRM on-premise. The online version is officially called “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13”. Sound familiar? Yes, I know, real creative there, but, what’s in it, is more important than what they call it. Bottom line with Dynamics CRM, you have the power of choice. We still see a lot of clients that prefer to manage their own servers and software, with Dynaimcs CRM, you get to decide how to use it.

The official announcement:?

This release includes a major User Interface overhaul. The user Experience has been “re-imagined” and will be a complete departure from previous versions. ?Below gives you some insight into what that new UI looks like:

Dynamics CRM Vision Experience UI screenshot

No official word yet on whether or not the previous user interface will be completely removed or allowed to be turned on if needed. The stated goal I’ve heard so far, is all screens and forms will be the new UI/UX with no switching back to “classic” views.

Another major area of focus is on process oriented experiences.?Process guidance, based on industry-leading best practices, will help teams more easily, e.g., ?move from lead to close?faster than ever before. Flexible and configurable, it gives your organization the ability to be agile in the face of change. Essentially CRM will guide users through their processes. It’s like having built in step by step guides to working with clients whether you are in marketing, sales, or service/delivery roles.

Dynamics CRM Vision Process Guidance


Also planned are new tablet and smartphone experiences?with access to the CRM functionality and analytics. Smartphone apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 will follow shortly after. Here is a taste of the tablet experience.

?Dynamics CRM Vision Tablet Experience

Eager to weave Yammer’s successful enterprise social capabilities into more offerings, Microsoft has been making an effort to bring the technology to its business applications portfolio, including Office. Now, Dynamics CRM is getting in on the act.

Dynamics CRM 2013 will offer deeper Yammer integration, the new release will provide “capabilities for people to collaborate with each other and share customer knowledge through Yammer right within the CRM solution, enabling them to deliver amazing customer experiences,” Microsoft said in a statement. I can tell you we have started using Yammer internally for the last 6 months and see major improvements in collaboration and information sharing. If you are not familiar with Yammer, think of it as Facebook for your company, but really focused on teams working together.

Dynamics CRM Yammer Vision

In addition, Dynamics CRM 2013 will feature support and integration for MarketingPilot marketing automation. Microsoft acquired MarketingPilot, a provider of multi-channel marketing management software, late last year. I’ve had a little bit of hands and it’s has quite a few enhancements that you’ll be able to take advantage of. It has the usual suspects in Marketing Automation capabilities, including emails, landing pages, contact forms, and social media. Stay tuned for a deeper dive when we are given the ok to provide more details.

?Dynamics CRM with MarketingPilot Integration

Finally, Microsoft recently announced Lync and Skype integration which provides for sharing of contacts and the ability for the two applications to connect to each other. Included in the CRM 2013 release will be improved seamless support enabling instant access to either or both of these applications. If you are not familiar with Lync or Skype, think of these as Facetime for your company and customers. It’s pretty cool and provides productivity boosts with built-on phone calls, conference calls, video calls, and desktop sharing.

Dynamics CRM with Lync Integration?Dynamics CRM with Skype Integration

5 Keys To Success In New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm

5 Keys To Success In The New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm

5 Keys To Success In The New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm
5 Keys To Success In The New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm

The way medical device companies market and sell to physicians is changing dramatically. That?s why operational and cultural changes are the keys to success.

There?s a looming cost challenge as the nation grows older and more people retire and require health care. Being able to improve outcomes while also reducing health costs is where opportunity is born.

Tools, technology and training are vital in this new?medical device marketing?paradigm.

?Selling to physicians and being paid on the basis of how many widgets sold is so 20th century,? an article on the MedCity News website points out. ?The new world order demands evidence of how well a device works and whether it reduces the cost of care.?

Medical device sales needs to change from selling based on features to selling on economies and outcomes ? a change that ultimately will benefit physicians, health care operators, patients and sales representatives. Acting more like business owners changes your outlook, particularly when dealing with patient health, diagnosis or treatment.

The article on the MedCity News website offers five tips for success as the medical device industry evolves in 2013.

  1. Embrace comparative effectiveness.
  2. Take an aggressive approach to international markets.
  3. Innovate for local markets.
  4. Hire medical economists.
  5. Engage with patients to build better products.

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10 Tips to Grow Your Life Sciences Network with LinkedIn and CRM ? Webinar

Join us for a webinar on?10 Tips to Grow Your Life Sciences Network with LinkedIn, Social Media and CRM.

10 Tips to Grow Your Life Sciences Network with LinkedIn and CRM ? Webinar
10 Tips to Grow Your Life Sciences Network with LinkedIn, Social Media and CRM ? Webinar

Jan Wallen, author of the best selling book “Mastering LinkedIn in 7 days or Less” will be joining me in a webinar on ’10 Tips to Grow Your Life Sciences Network with LinkedIn + Social + CRM’.

The webinar is this Thursday, May 23, at 1:30 EDT,

Register here if you would like to attend.

We will cover some new and interesting ways to help increase your leads, extend your network and find new avenues into relationships with physicians and other sometimes hard to access contacts. Learn how to use new social media capabilities in CRM to make this process easier and much more efficient than in the past.

Learn tips that?you can start using?Right Now, with or without CRM!

PS – if you join, you have the chance to win her, all new and updated for 2013,?copy of?”Mastering LinkedIn in 7 days or Less“. Check it out on Amazon here: Mastering Linkedin In 7 Days Or Less

3 Ideas For Improving Medical Device Sales In 2013

3 Ideas For Improving Medical Device Sales In 2013

improving-medical-device-sales | Photo Courtesy of

The past year proved difficult for the medical device industry, with about 7,000 jobs lost, a new medical device tax and troubled times in several industry sectors. Yet 2013 promises new challenges and opportunities for medical device sales, an article on the MassDevice website notes.

Innovation is a recurring theme in the industry. This year, medical device innovation means partnering more with companies, co-developing applications and devices to stretch research and development dollars, and developing more innovative apps. Mobile and social technologies also will provide new opportunities and channels.

According to the article on the MassDevice website, companies can move forward by looking beyond today’s challenges by seeking innovation in their business models and — above all — by focusing on the patient.

  1. Look past current challenges
  2. Innovate the business model
  3. Focus on the patient.

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Microsoft Convergence 2013 – Netbreeze Announcement


Microsoft Acquires Netbreeze

Of course the surpise announcement of the event, Microsoft?purchases?Netbreeze. Yes, I know, I had never heard of them either, however, their focus is social media monitoring, analytics and measuring capabilities to accelerate social for everyone and all available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I am super excited about having these capabilities, particularly inside of Dynamics CRM. This will be a boon to marketing, sales and customer services teams. This adds exciting capabilities to generate new leads, improve sales and close ratios, and act on potential customer service issues.

Netbreeze Social Monitoring ScreenshotAccording to some information gleened from various sources:

Netbreeze’s Social Media Monitoring solutions allow decision makers to tackle their strategic questions by semantically analyzing and evaluating web content.

Our language processing and text-mining technologies support more than 30 languages, including Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, thus helping international companies to meet todays biggest challenges in business intelligence.

Specialties -?Social Media Monitoring, Sentiment Analysis, Social CRM, Integration to other systems, API for full data access.


Read a bit more detail here at Gigaom -?

Netbreeze Social Media Monitoring Screenshot.