How Are Smartphones Driving Today?s Medical Device Innovation

How Are Smartphones Driving Today?s Medical Device Innovation?

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An article on the InformationWeek Healthcare website drives home just how incredible recent advances in mobile technology have been. In the article, the author shares highlights of physician and author Eric Topol recent appearance on ?The Colbert Report,? during which comedian Stephen Colbert received a fascinating lesson in how smartphones have begun to drive medical device innovation.

Topol used his smartphone?s otoscope application to show the studio audience a vivid image of Colbert?s ear canal. The otoscope app is not yet on the market, but it?s coming, along with many more health care utilities that will literally put the power of diagnosis and even treatment in the hands of patients.

There are some amazing real-world uses of mobile technologies focused on health care. A smartphone actually can be multiple devices, in that it also can monitor heart rates, blood sugar, oxygen levels and many other vital statistics. This can be extended even further to include the ability to capture that information for each patient the physician is treating. That means no more transcribing results and huge efficiency gains.

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Why Must Medical Device Firms Incorporate Digital Mobile Strategies?

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Smartphone and tablet usage is growing exponentially. As the power and capabilities of these devices increase, medical device manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to take advantage of these mobile technologies.

As consumers young and old are increasingly comfortable with these devices, new opportunities are available in unprecedented ways. Mobile health devices are providing unique ways to improve healthcare and patient outcomes as well as push costs down.

The winners of the 2012 Medical Device Manufacturers of the Year awards share something in common. All three manufactured products centered on digital mobile technology.

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