Add CRM to Outlook Shortcuts

At our recent Infinity i3 Event I provided a presentation on New and Hidden Features for Dynamics CRM, Recipes for Success.

We had a lot of people comment on how they get a lot of value from these types of presentations, so, I thought we would share them all in a Recipes for Success video series.

First on the menu is Adding CRM to Outlook shortcuts. This is a quick and easy little tip to save a couple clicks for getting to your most often used records and entities in Dynamics CRM. The instructions are posted first, if your prefer to just read them, or click on the video to see it in action!

  1. In Outlook (2007 or 2010), click Shortcuts in the navigation pane. image
  2. Right-click Shortcuts and click New Shortcut. image
  3. The Add to Navigation Pane window opens, simply scroll to the CRM entities and select the ones you want. image
  4. Navigate to desired CRM entity

Add now, the video?.

Adding Dynamics CRM to Outlook Shortcuts