Get started with Business Intelligence in the new Office

Business Intelligence in the new Office

Originally posted on Microsoft Office Blogs site. I’m loving the new and improved business intelligence capabilities in Office 365 and Office 2013. It’s finally getting close to the simple and easy BI that we have heard for so long.

New BI capabilities in Office 365
New BI capabilities in Office 365

Reliable business intelligence and insight are key to a thriving business. Excel, SharePoint and Office 365 make business intelligence (BI) in the new Office more accessible to everyone across an organization as part of their everyday work. New and enhanced features in familiar tools such as Excel empower everyone in a business to easily explore, model, analyze, and visualize data. With SharePoint, users of all levels can collaboratively develop and share insights through dashboards and scorecards, and this experience continues seamlessly in the cloud with Office 365.

Read on to learn how using Microsoft BI makes it possible for anyone in the organization to develop the insights that help drive new discoveries and make better, more informed decisions.

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