Dynamics CRM No Code Multi-Select Picklist

How to Create a Dynamics CRM No Code Multi-Select Picklist

What is a multi-select picklist you may ask? Here is an example. Let’s say that you need to track multiple specialties for the physicians in your CRM database. E.g. Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology. Another example might be, what your contacts interests are; Baseball, Basketball, Curling, Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, etc.

In most cases, I see this implemented with some code that looks something like this…

Dynamics CRM Multi-select picklist example


Nothing wrong with this approach, it just requires some code and someone to manage and update that code when changes are needed.

I’m a big fan of no code configuration or customization where possible. The benefits with this approach are:

  1. There is no code to maintain
  2. Does not require a developer to manage and update; business users can easily make changes as needed
  3. ?Upgrades smoothly

I am also a big fan of NOT re-inventing the wheel. So below, I provide a couple of great resources that inspired this post. First is the link that gives you some more background and screenshots on creating Dynamics CRM no code multi-select picklist.


The next is a video from one of the great Dyamics CRM MVP’s that are out there, Richard Kudson, take it away Richard…