The MarketingPilot Update

The MarketingPilot Update

Microsoft announced the MarketingPilot acquisition back in October 2012. MarketingPilot (MP) offers integrated marketing management (IMM) and marketing resource management (MRM) capabilities. Included functionality includes asset tracking, social media marketing to email marketing automation. The big question of the day is, will this replace ClickDimensions or any of the related marketing applications. Answer….not sure yet.

MP claims to provide email and social marketing, however, it's not clear how deep they go here. MarketingPilot Key DifferentiatorsIt seems, initially, that MP is focused more on the planning and resource management aspects of marketing, whereas, CD and others focus more on the execution of marketing.

The first image describes their key differentiators. The second screenshot below gives a glimpse into some of the capabilities we'll see in this marketing update. Interestingly, the demo's of MP were VERY limited covering about 5 minutes of actual demo. I suspect there is still quite a lot of work going on behind the "curtain".

Stay tuned for more details in the near future here. 

MarketingPilot User Interface - UI