Resco MobileCRM Spring Update 2013

Resco Announces Mobile CRM Spring Update 2013.

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Resco?has their?new office in Boston up and running and currently focused on staffing and partner outreach. Just released a new HTML5 review client. This is basically a proof of concept and not really ready for production deployment, but, a good example of how quickly they provide new updates and the future direction of HTML based app clients. Download from your favorite device app store to check it out (search for Resco). The next major release of MobileCRM ?will include additional functionality to the business rule editor, which provides codeless business rules. Looking forward to that.

Announced at Convergence, they also released an “Extras Update”. Included in the newest release of Woodford and Studio, they have added:

Improved Enterprise Security –Resco MobileCRM Spring Update 2013

  • Remote Wipe-Out of data from the application
  • Session Time-Out that locks the app
  • Session Time Table and GPS Fencing restricts users to work within a given time period or location only
  • Session Speed disables the app when the device moves at speed over a predefined limit
  • Kiosk Mode – enables users to use nothing but the Mobile CRM app on the mobile device

Improved User Audits –

  • view, create or update data
  • synchronize the application
  • launch and exit the software
  • actually use Mobile CRM app

White Label/Branding Push –

??????? Customers can create their own branded app offer on app stores

  • Change the look and feel of the application to match company identity
  • inform customers about company?s nearest locations, services or special deals
  • add sale vouchers or news
  • actively engage with the company via chat wall
  • provide customer feedback and service issues through the app and back into CRM

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