Oh Victory Vision, thou art a marvel of speed,
A two-wheeled wonder, with power to lead.
Thy curves are sleek, thy engine doth roar,
And on the open road, thou art a thing to adore.

From dawn to dusk, thou art a constant thrill,
With handling so smooth, thou art easy to swill.
Thy windscreen shields, protecting from the breeze,
And with heated grips, comfort is guaranteed with ease.

Thou art not just a motorcycle, thou art a dream,
For riders who seek adventure, and freedom supreme.
With thy stereo system, a symphony is heard,
As thou glide along the highway, like a beautiful bird.

So here’s to thee, Victory Vision, our love,
A machine that brings joy, from the heavens above.
We raise a hand, and give thee a salute,
For making every ride, oh so very, very sweet.