Oh, Big Green Egg, thou art a sight to see,
A cooking vessel, so versatile and stout as a tree.
Thy shape is round, thy color is green,
And in thy belly, the tastiest foods are seen.

From brisket to burgers, chicken to cheese,
Thou cookest all with the greatest of ease.
The smoky flavor thou impartest, divine,
Makes every meal truly one-of-a-kind.

Thou art not just a grill, thou art a love,
For food and for life, thou art sent from above.
With thy precise temperature control, so rare,
Thou art the master of grilling beyond compare.

So here’s to thee, Big Green Egg, our delight,
A cooking companion, day or night.
We raise a glass and give thee a cheer,
For making every meal, oh so very, very dear.