Oh Power BI and Analytics, thou art the wizards of data,
A tool for insights, with knowledge that doth extol.
Thou takest the rawest of numbers, and makest them sing,
A symphony of meaning, with truth that doth bring.

From reports to dashboards, thou art a constant friend,
With visuals that speak, and trends that never end.
Thou art a bridge between the data and the masses,
Translating complexity, with elegance that surpasses.

Thou art not just software, thou art a wonder of tech,
For businesses who seek clarity, and success that they cannot neglect.
With thy seamless integration, a story is born,
As thou helpest organizations, to make decisions that are well-worn.

So here’s to thee, Power BI and Analytics, our delight,
A tool for growth, and a beacon of light.
We raise a glass, and give thee a cheer,
For making data come alive, year after year.