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Mike Hammons

About Mike Hammons - HeadshotHello, I’m Mike Hammons.

I like 4 letter words.

Wine is a 4 letter

So is bike, beer, food, golf, cook, kiss (both the actual thing and “keep it simple stupid”), bold, epic, next…yes, I like 4 letter words…

Consultant by day, DIY’er by night, and biker at most other times, this is my blog. When I am not on the road helping clients you will typically find me in my current home town of Atlanta (or somewhere cruising around the Blue Ridge Mountains).

My career started in Life Sciences with sales & marketing roles at Boehringer Mannheim, Roche and AVL Medical Instruments. It was during this time I was introduced to the world of customer relationship management. It was the early stages of the industry we know today, in fact it was called simply contact management and sales force automation at the time. I was part of the selection team at Roche as well as one of the users of our selected system. It is that early experience that shined the light on how the power of technology can transform an organization. This early success solidified my focus on what has now become an $18 Billion a year industry.

That hands on experience led me further into the CRM world with additional sales and marketing stints at Aurum Software, Baan, SalesLogix and Interact Commerce. My particular focus and passion has always had one foot in the life sciences industry and the other gaining experience with discrete and high tech manufacturing organizations like Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, NEC-Mitsubishi, Ricoh, Watson and others.

I am also co-founder of Reperio Group, LLC where we developed an incredibly successful embedded business intelligence component for CRM applications. We saw a growing need to extract the value and actionable information from the wealth of data inside of CRM applications. Far more than simple reporting capabilities, business intelligence married with CRM provides exponential return on investment. It is something I firmly believe in and demonstrate to prospects and clients today.

I am currently Director of Customer Experience at?Green Beacon Solutions. I am responsible for all customer initiatives to ensure a consistent, positive experience and ensuring satisfaction across all of our touchpoints. In addition, my goal is to help you identify ways to increase the value of your technology investment; particularly with CRM, Business Intelligence and Mobile solutions.

To reach me, please message or follow me on Twitter or join me on LinkedIn. You can also complete the form below to contact me and get valuable tips, tricks and articles on CRM, Workflow, BI, Social and Mobile.

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