Remote Technology Can Make Medical Device Sales Reps More Efficient

Remote Technology Make Medical Device Sales Reps More Efficient

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What if medical device sales reps could remotely participate in several operations at the same time using technology? That?s a possibility raised by a system highlighted in an article on the MedCity News website. Reps could use technology such as iPads and even Google Glass to communicate with surgeons during procedures, the article says.

This is a very interesting concept that could allow medical device sales reps to have greater access to more physicians in a shorter amount of time. There are many hours not well-spent by reps because they?re in a procedure in which the surgeon will only be using their medical device for a portion of the surgery.

Most reps are encouraged to not enter or leave the operating room during a procedure because it could increase the risk of infection. Using remote technology, medical device sales reps might be able to focus their time on other opportunities while still responding to physicians? questions or needs during a procedure.

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