How Can Medical Device Sales Reps Better Connect With Surgeons

How Can Medical Device Sales Reps Better Connect With Surgeons?

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Medical device sales reps need to have a good understanding of their customers? product interests, the competitive landscape within a hospital or an account, and who will be the decision makers and influencers within their respective territories.

A recent article on the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website shares insights along these lines, noting that surgeons and other physicians still have a big say when it comes to decisions on purchasing medical devices.

It?s great to hear that medical device companies and surgeons still feel they have the power to make decisions about the products they choose to select for their patients. This knowledge can be particularly useful for medical device sales reps.

?Surgeons still need assistance in the OR from device experts,? explains Kurt Jacobus, CEO of MedShape, in the article.

This is a key trend. Medical device sales reps must be experts; otherwise, physicians feel as if the reps are wasting their time.

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Article originally posted on our CRM for Medical Device Organizations website.

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