Why Medical Device Innovation Doesn?t Need To Cost A Fortune

Medical Device Innovation Doesn?t Need To Cost A Fortune

reducing-medical-device-cost | Photo Courtesy of spectrumonline http://www.flickr.com/photos/40234882@N07/3702319394/sizes/q/Medical device innovation?isn?t just about making substantial investments in research and development. It?s also about recognizing true market needs, suggests an article on the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website.?Even when you are designing with your existing technology you can actually subtly shift the way you design in order to address the need better,? says Stacey Chang, associate partner and director of IDEO?s health and wellness practice.For example, in the past, a sales representative would only have a relationship with the physician, who would decide whether the hospital or clinic should invest in the product or drug. Now, more people are involved, from buying departments to insurance companies and legal.Even patients play an important role.?Through social media and specialized websites, they can talk about treatments they?ve received. That drives patients to have those conversations with physicians and even push certain treatments based on what they?ve heard. Even though sales representatives might not deal directly with patients, the industry must understand what their concerns are.

CRM solutions can cost-effectively track these conversations and automate processes.?Many medical device sales CRM systems have these capabilities built in, so there?s no need for complex implementations.

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