Top 10 Medical Device Technology Innovations Of 2013

Top 10 Medical Device Technology Innovations Of 2013

medical-device-technology-2013 | Photo Courtesy of Frank Y Lin that improve healthcare efficiency dominate the Cleveland Clinic’s list of the top 10 medical device technology innovations of 2013. One device, a handheld optical scanner for melanoma, highlights the miniaturization of devices, which is becoming more common in the industry.

The handheld scanner helps dermatologists determine in less than a minute whether a suspicious mole or spot could be the deadly melanoma skin cancer.

Using imaging technology created by the military for guided missile navigation, the device analyzes an image of the suspected skin cancer site and compares it against an internal database of known cancers. In a recent clinical trial, the technology correctly detected 98 percent of the melanomas.

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Original article from MDDI Online.

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