3 Ideas For Improving Medical Device Sales In 2013

3 Ideas For Improving Medical Device Sales In 2013

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The past year proved difficult for the medical device industry, with about 7,000 jobs lost, a new medical device tax and troubled times in several industry sectors. Yet 2013 promises new challenges and opportunities for medical device sales, an article on the MassDevice website notes.

Innovation is a recurring theme in the industry. This year, medical device innovation means partnering more with companies, co-developing applications and devices to stretch research and development dollars, and developing more innovative apps. Mobile and social technologies also will provide new opportunities and channels.

According to the article on the MassDevice website, companies can move forward by looking beyond today’s challenges by seeking innovation in their business models and — above all — by focusing on the patient.

  1. Look past current challenges
  2. Innovate the business model
  3. Focus on the patient.

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