Why Are Partnerships The Key To Medical Device Sales Growth?


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Why Are Partnerships The Key To Medical Device Sales Growth? Partnerships and innovative collaboration will be the key to medical device sales growth this year, according to an article on the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website. It’s a great way to stretch investment dollars and reduce risk. Of course, it’s important to have a CRM system that can help track and manage these partnerships.


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Why Medical Device Sales Reps Are Wasting Their Time Training

medical-device-sales-reps | Photo Courtesy of doogieporker http://media.beta.photobucket.com/user/doogieporker/media/Businessman.jpg.html

The medical device industry is one of the few where salespeople double as product trainers. The challenge with this approach is that it reduces valuable selling time. Companies should consider enlisting third-party trainers to educate device users on how to put their products to work, an article on the Today’s Medical Developments website reports.

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4 Tips To Implement Value-Based Medical Device Selling

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Value-based selling in the medical device industry is a secret weapon. However, many medical product companies are selling themselves short when it comes to communicating the overall value of the devices and services they offer, an article on IT News Online reports. Representatives have to focus on and sell the overall process.

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Why Must Medical Device Firms Incorporate Digital Mobile Strategies?

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Smartphone and tablet usage is growing exponentially. As the power and capabilities of these devices increase, medical device manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to take advantage of these mobile technologies.

As consumers young and old are increasingly comfortable with these devices, new opportunities are available in unprecedented ways. Mobile health devices are providing unique ways to improve healthcare and patient outcomes as well as push costs down.

The winners of the 2012 Medical Device Manufacturers of the Year awards share something in common. All three manufactured products centered on digital mobile technology.

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4 Reasons The Southeast Could Be The Nation?s Next Medtech Hub

southeast-medtech-hubMedical device companies cluster in industry hubs to foster increased collaboration and partnerships. The Southeast could soon emerge as the next major hub, an article on the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website explains. The region has a low cost of living and offers access to research centers and universities.

I was attracted to the southern charm and hospitality of the region, the weather (although a bit hot and humid in July and August, the rest of the time is pretty nice with mild seasons), the growth opportunities, and value for your dollar. I have seen the number of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies growing pretty rapidly in this area, particularly over the last few years.

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How Is Collaboration The Key To Growing While Reducing Costs?



There’s nothing that medical technology companies can do about the Affordable Care Act or Sunshine Act. They’re here to stay.

That certainty is preferable to uncertainty because it allows companies to plan, according to an article on the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry website.

At this point, the U.S. medical device industry “has a very clear idea of what the general outlines of the U.S. health care system are going to evolve toward for the next few years, writ large,” says Todd Evans of PricewaterhouseCoopers. “You have to take things for what they are and you have to respond to them intelligently and you need to begin taking real action.”

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Why Are Pharma Companies Relying On Partnerships With Biotechs?

Pharma Companies Relying More On Partnerships With Biotechs
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Partnering

Facing a patent cliff and erosion from generic drugs, many pharmaceutical companies are relying on partnerships with biotech companies for innovation and development.

Shifting dynamics are now prompting some biotechs to seek more balanced deals than in the past, sharing rewards as well as risks, according to an article on the BioWorld Today website.

?Pharmas at the moment are cash-rich and molecule-poor,? says Nick Davies, co-author of a report on the pharmaceutical industry from global consulting firm PwC. That?s why they?re looking to biotechs as development engines.

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