Microsoft Dynamics CRM Growth Reaches 3M Users!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP Momentum

General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Jujhar Singh, said in a morning session at Convergence 2013 that “Microsoft Dynamics CRM growth now has 3 million users across 39,000 customer sites in 80 countries. The CRM business has recorded double-digit growth through the past eight and a half years”.

Dynamics CRM Growth

Microsoft announced at Convergence 2013 the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM growth and adoption?numbers, with more than 3 million users and more than 39,000 customers.

Microsoft Dynamics? CRM 39,000 companies with 3 million users

Dynamics ERP Growth

Microsoft Dynamics AX continues on a strong growth path with more than 18,000 customers and an increase of more than 50 percent license growth in North America in the last Microsoft fiscal quarter. Microsoft Dynamics GP has seen 30% year over year growth. Overall some really strong growth numbers across the board for Microsoft Dynamics Line of Business applications.

Breakdown of the Microsoft Dynamics customer numbers by product:

Microsoft Dynamics? CRM 39,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics? AX 18,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics? GP 43,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics? NAV 94,000 companies
Microsoft Dynamics? SL 13,500 companies

Dynamics CRM growth reaches 3 million & 39,000 companies users.

Companies Using Dynamics CRM & ERP

Improving Business Performance With Mobility

Mobile is white hot! In 2012 there were over 1.6 BILLION mobile phones shipped which about half were smartphones. Forrester predicts by the end of 2013 there will be 1.4 BILLION smartphones in use. Tablets are clocking in at about 128 Million shipped in 2012 which is a 78% increase over 2011. Mobile phones and tablets are already replacing cameras, maps, remote controls, handheld gaming systems, boarding passes, tickets, cash registers and more.

So it’s not a question of what smartphones can’t do, it’s what will you do with them. The strategic imperative for organizations is to understand how they are going to meet the challenge of these changes. In an industry where doing more with less is the mantra of the day, mobility is an excellent option to increase productivity, improve customer service and help your client focused teams be more efficient.

If you are interested in seeing how Dynamics CRM can be extended with the power of mobile, check out our 30 minute live webinar I’ll hosting next Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 3:00 EST. Details below:

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Stay Connected – Go Mobile!
Improving productivity and customer service with the power of mobile access

From cell phones to tablets, mobile devices have become a necessity to businesses everywhere – allowing us to stay connected and work more efficiently outside the office. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, access to critical client information is available anytime, anywhere – allowing you to work smarter, faster, increase sales and improve your customer’s overall experience.

According to a recent study, firms who deployed a mobile solution also reported benefits including:

  • Increased productivity when away from the office or on the road 
  • Real-time access to customer data and insight 
  • Ability to respond on the spot to customer requests 
  • Dynamics Customer Relationship Management functionality on your mobile device   

Join us for a 30-minute live webinar to learn how you can use your mobile phone or tablet to:

  • Quickly and easily manage your territory for improved productivity 
  • Instantly place and track orders while on the road 
  • Effortlessly update opportunities on the go 
  • Manage demo units and trunk inventory with point and touch ease 
  • Collaborate with internal and external team members