Power of Possibilities ? Notes from Houston?Convergence 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM ? Power of Possibilities ? General Session

Bill Patterson, Dynamics CRM Program Manager, presented an overview of the what?s coming for Dynamics CRM.

Metro is everywhere and Dynamics CRM goes Metro too. The future of CRM will be more like the apps we love to use. The design focus will be HTML5, Business Process Management, Engagement, and will be Adaptive and Insightful.

Metro is Microsoft?s new design language. Modern, clean, immersive, fast, in motion, content is king, authentic.

Metro design principles (me likey):

  • Delight don’t disrupt
  • Give vs. get
  • Purposed experiences
  • Notifications & Action
  • Contextual

Bill was definitely encouraging developing Metro style apps for Dynamics CRM and other apps you may need. It is possible to start now. Microsoft has built tools for Metro HTML/CSS, Windows runtime, Win library for JavaScript, .Net for Metro and more to come.

The Metro focus is on the next gen app experience, which will push information to us via live tiles, an active canvas, notifications, and no popups.

The future of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will feature improved sales/business processes, be more collaborative (think deeper integration with SharePoint and Activity Feeds), seamless shared apps (Office), and will surface communications/actions across all applications.

That?s it for this session. I definitely like what I was seeing and hearing. If you are responsible for delivering apps to users, I highly recommend boning up on Metro and incorporate this design into what you deliver to your users.

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