5 Technology Trends Shaping The Pharmaceutical Industry And Medical Device Innovation

  Technology continues to play a big role in the life sciences industry as organizations seek new partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. A recent article on the IndustryWeek website highlights five important technology trends that will influence the pharmaceutical industry andmedical device innovation?over the next five years. Context-based services. Use ?Big Data? for new value. […]

Pharmaceutical/Biotech Mergers & Acquisitions Expected to Continue

I ran across this interesting article about a significant trend in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Bloomberg Article In a nutshell, drug makers are shifting their focus from cutting costs to filling pipelines through mergers and acquisitions. Next year could top the 2,076 deals worth $166 billion announced in the past 12 months. “What tends […]

iPharma Connect Conference?The New Commercial Model

The 11th Annual iPharma Connect Conference was held last week in Philadelphia. This year?s theme was ?Digital Innovation for Marketing Decision Makers in the Life Sciences Industry?. I will share some notes on the conference and key trends and ideas that might provide you some value as well. At its core, digital marketing is about […]