How Could Focusing On Emerging Markets Boost Medical Device Sales?

Focusing On Emerging Markets Can Help Boost Medical Device Sales High-performing companies are realizing the potential for medical device sales in untapped emerging markets. Moving beyond the North American borders, however, is easier said than done. It?s a long and hard process, not to mention expensive. Compared to many other industries, the medical technology industry […]

How Can A CRM Solution Help Boost Medical Device Sales?

How Can A CRM Solution Help Boost Medical Device Sales? As the medical device industry recovers from the recession, manufacturing companies can increase productivity in two key areas. The first is improving their systems for managing supply chains and inventory, and the second involves enhancing medical device sales models by understanding the behaviors and patterns of their […]

Why Medical Device Sales Reps Are Wasting Their Time Training

The medical device industry is one of the few where salespeople double as product trainers. The challenge with this approach is that it reduces valuable selling time. Companies should consider enlisting third-party trainers to educate device users on how to put their products to work, an article on the Today’s Medical Developments website reports. Read […]

4 Tips To Implement Value-Based Medical Device Selling

Value-based selling in the medical device industry is a secret weapon. However, many medical product companies are selling themselves short when it comes to communicating the overall value of the devices and services they offer, an article on IT News Online reports. Representatives have to focus on and sell the overall process. Read more >>>