Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 “Official”

Microsoft has announced the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available in the “fall of 2013”. It is unfortunate that we did NOT hear an official release date, so, that gives Microsoft some wiggle room on what the definition of Fall is. I am all for quality releases and prefer a quality release […]

5 Keys To Success In New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm

5 Keys To Success In The New Medical Device Marketing Paradigm The way medical device companies market and sell to physicians is changing dramatically. That?s why operational and cultural changes are the keys to success. There?s a looming cost challenge as the nation grows older and more people retire and require health care. Being able […]

4 Strategies For Improving Operating Performance With Medical Device Marketing

4 Strategies For Improving Operating Performance With Medical Device Marketing Improving operating performance may mean the difference between winners and losers in today’s challenging medical device industry. With the Affordable Care Act and medical device tax now in place, companies must change their strategies and approaches, much like pharmaceutical companies did 10 years ago. A CRM […]

The MarketingPilot Update

The MarketingPilot Update Microsoft announced the MarketingPilot acquisition back in October 2012. MarketingPilot (MP) offers integrated marketing management (IMM) and marketing resource management (MRM) capabilities. Included functionality includes asset tracking, social media marketing to email marketing automation. The big question of the day is, will this replace ClickDimensions or any of the related marketing applications. Answer….not […]

Microsoft Convergence 2013 – Netbreeze Announcement

  Microsoft Acquires Netbreeze Of course the surpise announcement of the event, Microsoft?purchases?Netbreeze. Yes, I know, I had never heard of them either, however, their focus is social media monitoring, analytics and measuring capabilities to accelerate social for everyone and all available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I am super excited about having these capabilities, particularly […]

iPharma Connect Conference?The New Commercial Model

The 11th Annual iPharma Connect Conference was held last week in Philadelphia. This year?s theme was ?Digital Innovation for Marketing Decision Makers in the Life Sciences Industry?. I will share some notes on the conference and key trends and ideas that might provide you some value as well. At its core, digital marketing is about […]